Welcome to Realizing DPP Community

The Lifestyle Coaches Network

Our Mission

We believe that we can lessen the impact of chronic diseases in Mississippi -- starting with Type 2 Diabetes. Our mission is to grow a community of lifestyle coaches across the state that work with individuals to promote a healthier quality of life. Realizing DPP Coaches are trained to provide CDC-approved programs that advocate for healthy and sustainable behavioral changes.

What is Realizing DPP?

The Realizing DPP Community gives you access to all the tools you’ll need to start earning money as a Realizing DPP Coach. This is your community: it connects you to the people, information, training, and platforms that you need to succeed as a Realizing DPP Coach. We at Realizing DPP made this community easy to use for the best experience. Our features include:

  • For Lifestyle Coaches Only: The Realizing DPP app is built as a community just for Lifestyle Coaches. All features and designs are aimed at providing vital information, discussion, and help to individuals who are motivated to preserve the value and quality of human life in the Mississippi area.
  • Access to Free CDC DPP Trainings: Our community will host all the information you’ll need to start getting DPP Certified if you aren’t already. We’ll also provide discussion platforms so you can ask questions and get real-time answers from peers and mentors.
  • Technical Support: This network provides how-to’s, additional information, and FAQ’s about the technical platforms you will use to book assignments, get paid, and connect with your local community.
  • Ongoing Peer Discussions: The Realizing DPP app fosters a network of Lifestyle Coaches just like you. Our community leaders will host discussions and forums to keep you up to date with the latest information and techniques to succeed within the program.
  • And much more!
We can’t wait to see our amazing community of Realizing DPP Coaches come together, get paid, and make a difference.